Vcat – or how to play video on terminal


Vcat – simple but very useful command line app that outputs a video on a 256-color enabled terminal with UTF-8 locale. It’s based on Icat (image cat by Andreas Textor) and a ffmpeg tutorial. Because Vcat uses ffmpeg to play the videos, a bunch of codecs (h264, MPEG2, Theora, …) and containers (mp4, mkv, avi, …) are supported. For now there is no sound support yet, and the framerate is not fixed.

The usage is simple:

$ vcat [OPTION]... videofile
-w | --width   -- Set width
-h | --height  -- Set height
-k | --keep    -- Keep aspect ratio
videofile      -- The video to print

Note: without options it plays video file stretched to 80*24 by default.

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