playshell – a different media player



What are you expect from media player? GUI, ncurses or any other interface, you won’t get that with playshell. Playshell is rather different, because it feels almost like command line control and is in fact bash-based front end for various (video and audio) players (mplayer, sox, vlc, ffplay, gst123, amp, aplay, madplay, mpg123, mpg321 and splay at the moment) and manages playlists with use of text editor (it’s vim for me).

There is no need for installation if you just want to try it, just run:

$ bash

in the extracted folder, or compile it with:

$ bash

and run:

$ bash playshell

If you want to install it, run:

$ bash

as root or with sudo.

The simple interface support basic commands like play, stop, pause and other functions, if they are supported by player.  It also support shuffling, repeating, looping and queing.

Function keys:

   h           shows this help info

   space       select a number
   enter       play an existing entry or a new one

   x           play current number
   X           play latest
   v           stop
   c           pause
   b           next play
   z           previous play
   Z           previous play (history based)
   .           play random

   right       forward play
   left        rewind play

   home        select first entry
   end         select last entry
   page-up     go back by 4 steps
   page-down   go forward by 4 steps

   n           set in advance the next numbers that will play
   N           same as above but override and not append to
               anything that's already set

   a           add entries
   A           add entries and play them
   i | insert  insert entries after current play
   I           insert entries after current play and play them
   R           add a random entry from the library
   d | delete  delete current number
   D           delete entries based from input
   s           search
   S           search (no scrolling)
   l           show playlist
   L           show playlist with full path names
   e           edit playlist
   f           reload data from the playlist file
   $           sort playlist
   %           sort playlist based from filenames

   W           save playlist to a file
   |           load playlist from a file

   y           show files in library
   E           edit library's paths list
   F           refreshes the library from the paths list

   [           disable current number
   {           disable entries based from input

   ]           enable current number
   }           enable entries based from input

   t           flags current number to stop after play
   T           flags current number to quit after play
   H           flags current number to halt system after play

   r           toggle repeating
   u           toggle shuffling
   o           toggle looping of play (repeat-track)
   @           toggle manual play mode
   ^           toggle video

   + | up      volume up
   - | down    volume down
   0           mute or set volume to lowest

   m           shows mixer
   M           runs alsamixer -D equal

   !           open a shell
   /           evaluate a shell command

   `           switch logging mode
   ~           switch logging mode (reverse)

   p           print status

   k           clears the screen

   w           save session immediately

   q           quit
   Q           quit (also, but do not stop active play)

…and that’s about it. Simple and very effective.

Configuration of the players is done by editing /etc/playshell/tables/players.table file, wher you can also change play options and preferences or change preffered order of players, all other data is in ~/.playshell folder.

Just give it a try, you wont regret it. Enjoy!


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