pyhn – console Hacker News client


pyhn – is a simple and easy to use, but very effective console client for Hacker News, written in Python and supports Python.2x and Python.3x installation.
It does not support auto refresh function, so refreshing must be done manually, but other than that, it got everything for effective usage. By default configuration file is located in $HOME/.pyhn/config and can be easy adapted:
open_story_link = S,enter
show_story_link = s
open_comments_link = C
show_comments_link = c
open_user_link = U
show_user_link = u
up = j
down = k
page_up = ctrl d
page_down = ctrl u
first_story = g
last_story = G
refresh = r
reload_config = R

cache = /home/socketubs/.pyhn/cache
cache_age = 5
browser_cmd = __default__ #or browser_cmd = links __url__

body = default||standout
focus = black|light green|underline
footer = black|light gray
footer-error = dark red,bold|light gray
header = dark gray,bold|white|
title = dark red,bold|light gray
help = black,bold|light gray

…there is no classic manual help file present, but keyboard shortcuts help can be invoked with “h” or “?” key and that is, because of pyhn simplicity all you need.

Additional links:
authors site
pyhn on

Happy reading and hacking….


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