tfman – a different file manager

tfman tfman_vim

There are a plead different file managers out there, with or without GUI, with variable amount of panels, keyboard or mouse driven and so on, but this one is a little bit different. It is still in an early stage of development so it is not yet 100% ready, but it is already show potential to be useful terminal driven file manager.

It is named tfman  – “text file manager” and it performs file operations through textual representation of file system which is in the form of plain text, editable with any text editor and may contain multiple operations of every kind. Tfman can be used from command-line or from within Vim as multi-window file manager.

A quick start guide is here, tutorial here and manual page here.

For now it is only available as package at Arch AUR, for other Linux flavours you must compile and install tfman manually.

Happy hacking….


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