Passing time in console


If you use console as default working environment, it is nice to pass some time with games without switching to X server just for that. There is plenty of games for the X server, but there are also games that work in console too. That’s my list of them:


The first and for sure the most well known game is Dwarf Fortress, excellent game where you build and control dwarven outpost in randomly generated fantasy world. It is complex and have a steep learning curve, but when you get past pass learning phase you can’t stop playing. If you want to use it in console, you must change settings from:




in ~/.dwarffortress/data/init/init.txt, where you should also change windowed or fullscreen mode settings. As I said, great game, but sadly not playing it much lately, because my laptop is too weak and need a looooot of time starting it. If I’m in the mood at home, I play over ssh from my “server/experimenting computer” (old laptop without display), if it’s on and it’s working just fine.


This I play a lot, when I have time. Angband a dungeon crawler, roguelike game based on the writings of JRR Tolkien. There are few similar games based on Angband, like Zangband, and Hellband and for instance Moria, also known as umoria, which all added some new features and twists to Angband.


This is one interesting game awk-raycaster, 3D shooter written in awk using raycasting technique. You should check this out.


And there is Zork, also known as Dungeon, very good text game, as stated in introduction text:

Dungeon is a game of adventure, danger, and low cunning. In it
you will explore some of the most amazing territory ever seen by mortal
man. Hardened adventurers have run screaming from the terrors contained


Last but not least is Curse of War, fast paced strategy game which require strategic planing, building infrastructure, securing resources, and moving your armies.


For some quick passing the time I play:
* freecell – well known card game,
* nudoku – sudoku in ncurses,
* 2048-in-terminal – 2048, well… in… terminal….,
* gnuchess – I think it doesn’t need introduction,
* greed – moving in directiones, erasing grid squares and scoring for the moves,
* yetris – clone of tetris,
…and this is my game list.

If you are looking for something new, the very good game list can be found here, linux port for a collection of BSD command line games.

Happy Hacking….


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