Taskwarrior for Android released

Taskwarrior for Android is new front end for Taskwarrior, excellent command line task manager and a very good replacement for Mirakel which has big problems with crashing on sync with task server.

Download it from Google Play.

Happy hacking….


curl-ing the weather


In need for quick weather forecast? Use:

curl wttr.in/<your city>

Excellent little web service based on wego and wttr.in, a web frontend for wego.

You can also use installed wego directly by obtaining  API key from here and editing ~/.wegorc like:

"APIKey": "",
"City": "",
"Numdays": 5,
"Imperial": false,
"Lang": "en"

….and you get weather forecast for five days.


Happy hacking….

cool-retro-term – cathode tube screen is back

fun-retro-terminal cool-retro-term-1

Lets face it, it is not meant to be default working terminal and can’s replace it, but it is fun, big tima fun and more like a game typing commands into old school screen. Cool-retro-term is written in the C++, use Qt GUI toolkit with qmltermwidget, a QML port of the qtermwidget class from the Konsole terminal emulator, was tested on various Linux distributions and can be found in their repositories.

9 predefined profiles are available via menu bar or context menu and you can make your own profile, changing default screen, font, effects and performance settings settings.

Give it a try, it’s fun…

…and happy hacking…

commandlinefu – site for command line fanatics


If you are trying to get grip in command line or you just try to make your life simpler and use commands from your favorite terminal window you should visit commandlinefu.com and I bet you will find something useful there….